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The Deux-Caps "Grand Site de France", the Louvre-Lens museum, the Audomarois Marsh and its UNESCO "Man and Biosphere" label, the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the belfries and the mining basin … Pas-de-Calais is experiencing an unprecedented cultural and tourist dynamism. Between sea and cliffs, marshes and forests, slag heaps and belfries, it has become a stronghold of memory and culture in Europe. A multi-faceted area, Pas-de-Calais offers up a thousand and one different faces, while its inhabitants have just as many stories to share …


COUNTRYSIDE & MARSHES-Natural source of well-being

From the Saint-Omer region to the seven valleys lies a territory where nature is queen. Through a landscape of woodlands and marshes, the Pas-de-Calais countryside perfectly embodies slow tourism. Here, everything is gentle and invites a return to our roots … An ideal destination to take your time, stroll around the markets, hike, head out on a boat ride and make beautiful discoveries.

GRANDE CÔTE D’OPALE – Energie maritime

Between Calais and Berck-sur-Mer, the Côte d'Opale offers 120 km of beaches, dunes and cliffs. Here, you can breathe in the invigorating air while you enjoy some preserved landscapes, indulge in sailing and golf and savour delicious seafood … If our coastline is so popular, it is thanks to its lavish seaside resorts. With their dikes, lined with Anglo-Norman facades, resorts like Wimereux or the Touquet-Paris-Plage perpetuate a way of life that combines chic and charm.

AUTOUR DU LOUVRE-LENS – Emotions brutes

Only yesterday, this was a mining and industrial land. Today, it finds itself among the new tourist destinations, bursting with enthusiasm and great ideas. A stay Around the Louvre-Lens: a unique opportunity to climb the highest slag heaps in Europe, to meet the families of giants, to experience the atmosphere of the Bollaert-Delelis stadium, to visit one of the oldest museums in Europe, the discover the new lives of former mining sites, to admire Art-Deco heritage and much more...

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