Natural Areas

Natural Areas

Conscious of current environmental challenges (pollution, urban growth, deforestation, intensive agriculture, industrialisation, etc.), the Pas-de-Calais Department is mobilising its efforts and has decided to implement actions aimed at preserving its natural heritage. It was in June 1993 that Eden 62 was born, in the form of an association that would become a Joint Association in 1996, to which the Department would entrust the management of Sensitive Natural Areas (ENS) within its region.

Today, nearly 115 agents work every day to protect and develop these natural spaces and raise awareness so that the preservation of these corners of nature becomes, as far as possible, a priority for everyone.

The protection of these natural spaces is based on an inventory and assessment of natural heritage, resulting in the development of a management plan for each site. These management plans therefore make it possible to define specific actions to be carried out in the field, encompassing scientific monitoring, work carried out to preserve biodiversity, and the maintenance and development of sites to ensure their comfort and cleanliness and guarantee the safety of walkers.

This is how policy officers and nature guards work hand-in-hand to preserve, maintain and develop the 6,223 hectares of Sensitive Natural Areas and 248 km of developed trails.

These natural areas are not enclosed and are therefore open to the public, while remaining subject to special regulations. Designed to make walks enjoyable, some also offer educational trails, as the preservation of biodiversity also requires the raising of awareness for present and future generations. It is for this reason that Eden 62 has surrounded itself with a team of nature educators. School and college projects, nature club, exhibitions, nature activities and more: numerous initiatives have been developed and deployed throughout the territory, seeking to bring the experience of nature to the general public and to little ones, in particular.

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