Health, education, social ties, integration, etc. The sporting movement and local councils propose innovative actions, allowing sport to fully assume its role in society.

Labelled "Impact 2024" by the CNOSF and the Organising Committee of the PARIS 2024 Olympic Games, the SPORT RESSOURCES 62 system is an operational response to the challenges of sustainable development. Imagined by a consortium composed of the Departmental Council, the Pas-de-Calais Departmental Olympic and Sports Committee (CDOS 62) and the sports-health incubator Vivalley, this digital platform offers a new approach to the consumption of sporting goods and services. Reasoned consumption, pooling, exchanges, reuse and recycling: everything has been put in motion for SPORT RESSOURCES 62 in order to offer a thousand "second lives" to your sports equipment.

The aim is also to remove the obstacles that make participation in sport difficult, in particular the financial obstacle for a section of the population that struggles to afford sports equipment, which can be expensive for modest incomes. In short, it is a question of responding to health problems and sedentary lifestyles, at times exacerbated by the health crisis.

Thanks to numerous partnerships, the project consortium also provides the platform with unsold products from large sports brands, while fighting waste and overconsumption – two very present issues in the field of sport.

In short, SPORT RESSOURCES 62 is a tool at the service of a more sustainable development and greater solidarity in sport. Each inhabitant, club, association or community of Pas-de-Calais can simultaneously act as:

  1. A contributor by donating, lending or recycling sports equipment, giving it a second life.

2. A beneficiary, by collecting equipment available on loan or as a donation, or by purchasing equipment at a reduced price from the partner resourcing network.