Site naturel d'escalade d'Hydrequent
Site naturel d'escalade d'Hydrequent

Site naturel d'escalade d'Hydrequent

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Managed by the municipality of Rinxent and the Local Mountain and Climbing Committee (CT FFME), this unique site in Pas-de-Calais has been developed and made available free of charge by the SAS Carrières de la Vallée Heureuse, owner of the premises. 


Mined until 1990 for the production of marble, this former working face of the Marquise quarry became the first natural climbing site of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. 


Aware of the potential that this iconic site offered for the practice of this sport in a natural environment, the Pas-de-Calais Department sought to support the municipality of Rinxent and its partners in its registration with the Departmental Plan of Spaces, Sites and Routes (PDESI). This tool for the durability, sustainable development and promotion of nature sports therefore highlights the high sporting and heritage value of the Hydrequent cliff.


This climbing site offers about 30 routes with an average height of 7 m. A 25 m rope is therefore more than enough to climb safely. As a result of climate conditions, the rock is only really passable from April to November (issue of water infiltration making the overhang in particularly very moist).


PLEASE NOTE: given the instability of the terrain for climbing and the risks of slipping that this may cause, exiting at the summit of the route is not permitted. As such, most route exits are equipped with chained belay stations.


Contact : 

Mairie de Rinxent
3 Rue du Général de Gaulle
62720 Rinxent
Tél : 03 21 99 90 60 
Mail : 

Comité Territorial FFME 
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Facebook :

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Note: supervised practice is now possible throughout the season, for members of the climbing club offered by the municipality of Rinxent (contact the town hall).

Safety, Responsibility, Training: 

- It is the responsibility of any participant to judge their ability to climb on this site and to respect the safety rules; 

- Participants must be able to judge the condition of the rock and the equipment in place (e.g. unstable hold, outdated equipment); 

- Training in the use of climbing equipment and safety techniques is essential; 

- Helmets are recommend; 

- Use the access routes signposted or indicated in the map; 

- Respect parking areas, private property and regulations; 

- Take your rubbish with you; 

- Be discreet around the site and remember to respect the environment.


In case of incident : 

EMERGENCY - Call 112 or 18

In the event of an emergency, be precise and concise. Give the most exact location of the casualty possible.

If you notice a problem: (Very unstable boulder, "disappearance" of equipment, etc.) Immediately notify the CT FFME 62.

Natural environment: be vigilant! 

The site houses a bat lodge in a cavity on the left side of the cliff, clearly marked with signs. It has been closed to protect the bats that use it during the year, hibernating in winter or resting at night over the summer period. 

All bat species are protected and the vast majority are threatened. The site hosts between 15 to 25 individuals of several different species each winter (whiskered bat, Daubenton's bat, Natterer's bat and sometimes the rare greater horseshoe bat). 

As such, this cavity has been developed and closed off as part of a partnership between the North France Mammalogy Coordination (CMNF), the Caps et Marais d'Opale Regional Nature Park (PNRCMO) and the quarries of the Vallée Heureuse. 

The practice of climbing is perfectly compatible with the preservation of this biodiversity, but a few instructions are strongly recommended, including the prohibition of building fires in front of the cavities and the exclusive use of the climbing routes provided for this purpose.
Accessibility :
Accessibility work around the site is underway.

Information desks

Office de Tourisme de la Terre des 2 Caps

Place de la Mairie, 62179 WISSANT

http://www.terredes2capstourisme.frtourisme@terredes2caps.com03 21 824 800

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