Winch paragliding track
Winch paragliding track
Drocourt, Hénin-Beaumont, Rouvroy

Winch paragliding track

Bassin Minier UNESCO
In the city
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The Les Îles Park is home to a track of around 600 m, allowing you to practise paragliding with the help of a mechanical winch. 

This type of site is perfect for learning about the activity and making is accessible for persons with disabilities, thanks to the "Hand'Icare"device. 

To get started and learn to fly, get in touch with the "Le Fil d'Ariane" paragliding club.

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Fiche FFVL du spot de parapente
Parc des îles / Aquaterra
A vast green space has taken the place of the industrial wasteland that was the former Drocourt coking plant. Special mention must be made of the themed islands, each representing a different climate.


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Parc des îles / Aquaterra

1573 boulevard des frères Leterme 

Tél : 03 21 79 74 94

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  • Towns crossed : Drocourt, Hénin-Beaumont, and Rouvroy

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