Authie Bay
Berck, Groffliers

Authie Bay

Opal coast
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At the mouth of the Authie lies a bay lined with dunes. It is here that the "great dune" rises, shaped by the whims of the wind. This mountain of sand moves and gradually consumes the woodland that lie behind it. This movement, though slowed by the sea grass, will one day conquer it. Further down the estuary lives a colony of harbour seals. Every day, these seals rest on the sandbanks uncovered by the sea at low tide.

Opening hours: all year round
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Eden 62
2 rue Claude - BP 113

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  • Towns crossed : Berck and Groffliers


Discovery trail
Dogs on a lead are allowed
Stay on the paths
Bicycles not allowed
Fire prohibited
Picking is not allowed

Information desks

Office de Tourisme de Berck-sur-Mer

5 Avenue Francis Tattegrain, 62600.0 BERCK

www.berck-tourisme.comtourisme@berck-sur-mer.com03 21 09 50 00

2 rue Claude, 62240 DESVRES 21 32 13 74

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