Cap Blanc-Nez
Escalles, Peuplingues, Sangatte, Wissant

Cap Blanc-Nez

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Grand Site de France
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From the top of their 134 metres, the cliffs of Cap Blanc-Nez dominate the strait. This chalk wall houses colonies of gulls, northern fulmars and black-legged kittiwakes. This landmark in the department's landscape has now been listed as a "Grand Site de France". The bomb craters in the surrounding pastures still testify to English bombardment today, especially around Mont d’Hubert. Wild orchids abound in these vast calcareous meadows … Will you be lucky enough to meet the Boulonnais sheep in charge of maintaining these protected areas? As part of the implementation of the NATURA2000 objectives document, this itinerant sheep grazing is practised each year from May to October. The EAFRD, in financing the shepherd post, enables 600 sheep to cover the grasslands, thereby restoring natural habitats. These magnificent landscapes are now accessible for persons with reduced mobility thanks to the requalification work carried out on the site since 2008, as part of Operation Grand Site.

Caution: risk of cliff collapse

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Eden 62
2 rue Claude - BP 113

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  • Towns crossed : Escalles, Peuplingues, Sangatte, and Wissant


  • Dogs on a lead allowed
  • Bicycle not allowed
  • Picking is not allowed
  • No littering allowed
  • Caution: risk of the cliff collapsing

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