The Guînes Marsh
Andres, Guînes

The Guînes Marsh

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The origin of the Guînes marsh dates back many years and various writings throughout the centuries, some from as early as the 11th century, mention its use: for grazing, the production of hay (litter) and peat. It is presented as a vast swampy basin traversed by multiple channels and punctuated by ancient peat ditches. The peatlands within the marsh, a habitat of heritage interest, represent a particularly unique environment. The ecological interest of peatlands lies in the presence of original and specific plant and animal species such as the marsh fern. Along the pollarded trail, you'll encounter all the typical landscapes of this marsh – with its meadows, reed beds, woodland and bodies of water. Don't forget to look up – you might catch the marsh harrier hunting above your heads.

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